The Montessori Math Software is Back Up

December 3rd, 2012

will cialis raise blood pressure I have received a few requests for the Montessori math software that I previously hosted on another website. The domain name for that website expired and it was no longer accessible. So I have finally brought it back. There is nothing new. I wish had more time to spend on this project. It’s a fun challenge. prednisolone for sale Online Montessori Software – Free!

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Geometrical Form of Long Division

April 10th, 2011

cialis without a prescription paypal In my training, I was shown how to do the geometrical form of multiplication (see math album 1 on albums page.) A couple of months ago I had some students who were struggling with division using the Stamp Game. They were not struggling because they didn’t understand it. They just didn’t like using the materials – they thought it slowed them down. Yet, they were unable to do long division purely in the abstract. If these were 2nd graders, I would have simply insisted that they continue with the stamp game. However, these are students brand new to the Montessori setting in 4th grade. So I worked through the Stamp Game with them making sure they understood each step, querying them at the right moments. Once I was sure they understood the logic behind it, I introduced them to the Geometrical Form of Long Division. Maybe this is already out there, but I have not seen it. I created the following lesson using graph paper, green, blue, & red pencils.

ski silverton viagra Download pdf of lesson: Geometrical_Form_Division

Lesson: Geometrical Form of Division

lupin metformin er buy levitra thailand Sequence: After student is proficient with division using stamp game. xanax sleeping medication lexapro and gaba Materials: Black, green, blue, red colored pencils; graph paper of appropriate size grid

alternative zu aciclovir order generic cialis online Presentation 1: Illustration below

  1. Tell students you will show them the Geometrical Form of Division.
  2. Ask students to follow along with you. This is a lesson/activity that they must do in order to learn it. Teacher must do each step carefully and in full sight of each student. (I do this by holding clipboard with graph paper in front of me and giving the presentation upside down so students see the activity from their perspective.)
  3. Begin by writing problem in upper left corner of paper buy viagra ho chi minh city outside of the grid area. Wait for students to finish writing problem. 4362 ÷ 3  (write in long form.)
  4. Ask how many times 3 can go into 4? “1”
  5. Begin in upper left corner of grid area. Color in one row of 3 in green.
  6. Mark number of rows above the thousands place in answer area.
  7. Ask how many are left over? “1”
  8. Ask them what they would do if it were the stamp game? “Trade it in for 10 hundreds.”
  9. Ask how many rows of 3 can you make with 13? “4”
  10. Color in 4 rows of 3 in red (**see picture for where to start.**)
  11. Write in number of rows (4) above the hundreds place in the answer area.
  12. Ask how many are left over? “1”
  13. Ask what to do? “Trade in for 10 tens.”
  14. Ask how many rows of 3 can you make with 16? “5”
  15. Color in 5 rows of three in blue (** see picture **)
  16. Write in number of rows (5) above the tens place in the answer area.
  17. Ask how many are left over? “1”
  18. Trade in for 10 ones.
  19. Ask how many rows of 3 can you make with 12? “4 with nothing left over”
  20. Color in 4 rows of 3 in green.
  21. Write in number of rows (4) in answer area above the units place.

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Leaf Classification

November 4th, 2010

where to buy clomid in singapore Download Classification of Leaves

what is the best online viagra website to go to that except palpay or mastercard Here is a pdf of information for leaf classification. I borrowed heavily from the following web page: What I have done here is just a scaled down, cleaned up version of what is available on that web page. They have other neat stuff.

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Checkerboard Software

May 2nd, 2010

glucophage xr generics My software development efforts have been in full swing lately and I am really excited about where it is going. Just finished an Alpha version of the Checkerboard for the Virtual Montessori Project. It’s free. It is a barebones version right now and assumes prior knowledge of the real thing. I hope to soon add directions to this software to be more helpful. In the meantime, however, use my albums available here. The Math 1 album has directions for the Bead Frame and the Checkerboard. cialis for prostate Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments »

Timeline of Scripts – Printer Friendly

October 15th, 2009 stendra no prescription Here is a printer friendly version of the Timeline of Scripts found below. This version has also fixed several spelling errors. It prints out on 36 pages of letter sized paper. Sorry for the size – it’s 9.1 MB.

can i buy cialis at boots As with everything else on this website, you will need the most up to date version of the free Adobe Reader –

dapoxetine en pharmacie belgique Timeline of Scripts – Printer Friendly

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Timeline of Humans – Printer Friendly

October 11th, 2009 synthroid ireland Timeline of Humans – Printer Friendly

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Work Cycle

October 6th, 2009 is non prescription viagra safe A layout and matching sort for young children (first, second grade) to develop the concept of a Work Cycle.

Work Cycle

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Peace Activity

October 6th, 2009

cialis 100mg These two downloads together make up a matching sort for children to learn the vocabulary of peaceful conflict resolution. billig generisch viagra Code for Peace

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Hominid Family Tree

October 1st, 2009

which works quicker viagra or cialis Now that Ardi has been found, this one needs an update! See the Discovery Channel’s report on her : oxycodone ir 30 mg side effects

cialis pill cutter Hominid Family Tree – 5 millions years ago to the present unterschied zwischen concerta und medikinet

World Biome Map

September 30th, 2009

Map of World Biomes