Timeline of Scripts – Printer Friendly

Here is a printer friendly version of the Timeline of Scripts found below. This version has also fixed several spelling errors. It prints out on 36 pages of letter sized paper. Sorry for the size – it’s 9.1 MB.

As with everything else on this website, you will need the most up to date version of the free Adobe Reader – www.adobe.com

Timeline of Scripts – Printer Friendly

8 Responses to “Timeline of Scripts – Printer Friendly”

  1. Carla Goncalves says:

    Just wanted to thank you once again for your generosity. Your albums and such have been a great blessing to our family. May God bless you abundantly. Carla Goncalves

  2. Cara says:

    You rock. Thanks for the hard work you put into making your materials and your albums. I was just preparing to make a timeline of humans, but I really don’t think I could improve on the one you made. Thanks for sharing; It’s an inspiration as well as a help.


  3. Lola says:

    I would love to make your timelines, but the printer versions have these heavy black lines running along the sides. Perhaps they are cutting lines, but in cutting them off the letters get cut off too. They are not necessary. I tried to assemble the script timeline and was unable to do so because of all the black border lines.

    • jonathan says:

      Yes, the black lines are not exactly “printer friendly”. I will work on this and upload a corrected version. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

      • Deborah says:

        Hello Jonathon,
        First of all, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful timelines. They are greatly appreciated. I had printed both out a month ago, then returned to your site to look at your albums. I had not seen the posts about putting them together when I printed them. I have them together and If it is alright with you, I would like to suggest the way to put them together and your boxes do not need to be removed. I have both of mine finished now and they are terrific.
        The first thing you need to do is to asign a day for this when you can take the time to do it, print it out and lay the time line on the floor so that you have all of the pieces in the order that they need to be. This is not a quick project, and I can not imagine the loving time that went into making it. Start on the far left side. Cut a piece of scotch tape for the first piece of the timeline to go up and center it on the right hand side {underneath of course} You should have half of that piece of scotch tape sticking out for you to attach your second piece to, then cut the appr. quarter inch strip of the left side of the next page needed and lay the paper down on the first page. Cutting should be done right on the black line or border. If you hold the piece up to the light you will see where you need to cut. Remember you are only to cut the attaching overlaying side of the piece. Continue this process across the timeline doing one row at a time. When it comes to attaching the rows, start from the bottom row. Cut of the same amount clear across the timeline. Place stips of tape again centering across the bottom of row that you are attaching to. Work upwards to do this. Use cheap scotch tape, { making it easy to pull off or to realign the pages. } When you are finished if you have any area where a letter of a word has been cut off, place a very small piece of tape there on the front and print the letter in using a black ink pen. Check all for alignment and turn the timeline over. Starting at the left, carefully rub down any scotch tape that is loose or if it is bunched off from aligning, then repostition or remove. Then you will need to laminate with Contact paper. I started with the front so that I could remove most of the tape from the back. Start on the left side and go top to bottom all the way across. Always cut an extra inch or so in length of Contact paper or remeasure so that you have enough. When finished, flip over, again remove any damaged tape and laminate as above. Jonathon, I am using Kodaks cheapest printer, so know most printers should print the same. In doing both charts in this method, I only had to pen in less than ten letter characters. A few of these were due to my not cutting properly when I first started it. I have done a lot of sewing and design over the past thirty years and knew there would be a way to do this. Your talents, love and time are greatly appreciated. Although I could figure out how to assemble, I would never have been able to create this piece of history and art that you have done. I am new to Montessori teaching with my four year old grandson. He adores his timelines and is already wanting to learn from them so many many thanks to you.

  4. michelle says:

    Hi. I downloaded the file but can’t see the whole page. None of them. I only see parts of each page. I’m on a mac and it automatically opens the pdf. Has anyone else had this problem? I would LOVE to print this out.

    Thanks much,

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  6. g.brinda says:

    thanks a lot once again for the hard work you have done and for sharing that work with all for nothing. a true montessorian heart.

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