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I have taught all elementary grade levels (1st through 6th) throughout my time at 4 different Montessori charter schools in California. This blog began when I started my Montessori training. The original blog was lost so the material here only goes back a few years. I have loved being a Montessori educator and am always excited to share new materials, strategies, and lessons that I come up with.

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-Jonathan Feagle

10 Responses to “About”

  1. Theresa says:

    Iam a Montessori 3to6 teacher. Just looking for new helpful ideas!

  2. Jacqui Myers says:

    Hi there Jonathon,

    I am wondering whether you are going to post again? I have so appreciated your site and look forward to your updates.

    I hope you are still teaching and learning.

    Baldwin Oaks Academy
    Orlando Science Center Campus

  3. Reta Wiseman says:

    HI I am a Grade One Montessori teacher in Canada. I am new to the system (celebrating my 2nd year) and have really grown to love the methods of DR. Montessori. I would love to have as much material as possible so that I can make my lessons new and exciting every year. I thank you for offering this site for us all to see.

    Ms. Wiseman (Grade One)

  4. Liz Howard says:

    I truly appreciate your materials. The albums have beautiful photos to remind us of the set up and materials used. Thank you.

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  6. Sunila says:

    Great to see this sharing- a true Montessorian! I’m in Montessori training after being a traditional teacher for a long time. I’m visiting San Francisco.
    Would love to visit your school if you are close by
    Warm Regards

  7. Zsuzsa says:

    I am a montessori homeschooling mum in Australia. I have a 5yr, 7yr & 9yr. I have purchased several teacher albums from other suppliers & have found yours to be the most comprehensive & easy to follow – thank you for sharing your knowledge and valuable experience for free with the larger global montessori community! I hope that one day you will list some other albums – history, zoology. I have also purchased the CD from Montessori for Everyone & found that your manuals are complimentary to this material. Virtual montessori is also a fantastic resource.

    Thank you again for sharing with the world.

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  9. Robin Castle says:

    Thank you for sharing your albums and insights. I have AMS training from several training centers since 1984…it is always helpful to have albums that explain things and illustrate them in ways that are similar and different…kids are different and different presentations add to my skills too! I hope you will continue to post. I would like to see classroom management revived!

    Do you teach 9-12?

  10. Adelissa Gonzalez says:

    Happy New Year!
    I just came across this website and am very happy to see that Montessori teachers are sharing the wealth of their knowledge. I am an AMI certified Montessori teacher for the A to I level (0-3) and the Children’s House level (3-6). I would love to share my albums with you. However, they are currently in Spanish. Let me know if this is something you would like.

    Thanks and regards,

    Adelissa González

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