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The albums are back. My apologies for those who have been patiently waiting. Unfortunately, I have not found the time to make the changes I would still like to make. So, I am re-posting the same exact albums that were here previously. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, I will have the time to make the improvements that are very much needed.

Elementary (6-9 & 9-12)

Math Album I

Math Album II

Geometry Album

Language Album

History Album (Very much in a draft state. I lost the final version some years back, but please have fun with this one.)

Other Montessori Albums out there:

Shu-Chen Jenny Yen 3-6 Albums

Moteaco Albums

Moteaco Great Lessons

Montessori R&D Cost $$ These are good. I have a near full set for Upper El from them. There are no pictures or illustrations in the editions I have from them. I find them complete and clear and are well sequenced.

A Good Blog Post Montessori For Everyone has a good blog post about Montessori Albums.

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  1. Marisa says:

    Are this albums AMI, AMS, etc prepared?

    • jonathan says:

      I made these albums during my training program which is an AMS program. Our math instructor was AMI trained, however, and claimed to give us more of an AMI approach in math. I have seen albums from different AMS training programs and they can all be very different. It appears to me, based on my limited experience, that there is a wide range of albums out there.

  2. Dienne says:

    I found your albums very useful. Both my kids go to a montessori school and I absolutely love what they are learning.

  3. Rita Sporrer says:

    You have a fabulous website. I am A.M.I. primary and elementary trained, with many years experience. I just downloaded your albums and have read some of the early math.

    My experience with the hierarchical materials: after introducing the materials and the symbols, I have the children practice reading the numbers. I think you can get a set of cards for the materials now, but you haven’t always been able to. I used to borrow cards from the multiplication bank game. The cards are layed out and children choose numbers from various categories and practice reading all the categories. Some children need more of this practice than others do. I have seen children who were really weak in knowing the categories when doing decimal work and know that they really needed more work in reading the numbers. Also, some of them become dependent upon the color and without the color, and even with comma’s to separate number families, they struggle. Having this experience, it helps me to understand how to “fill in the gaps”.

  4. Kelly says:

    I’m very excited about your albums. I am a secondary teacher who will be having some 6th graders in my middle school class next year, and I’m looking at which lessons/materials they might need.

    I’ve seen the algebraic pegboard lesson presented with a peg box that has decimal pegs as well, and can break down roots with remainders even further. Do you happen to know who supplies that, as I can’t find it anywhere and want to purchase it. Thanks!

  5. Louella says:

    I have browsed your album and I think they are great. Thank you so much for sharing them. They helped me understand what the beads are for as well as how to introduce the concepts and perform the exercises the montessori way. My son goes to a montessori school but their curriculum is based on textbooks and they barely touch the montessori materials that is why I have decided to give him after school activities and having done research on montessori education has convinced me that the authentic approach would really help my son master the concepts. Would you know where else I could find albums for other subjects?

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Gosh I’m grateful for these downloads. Thankyou so much!
    I’d really like a Cosmic Education Manual – if anyone knows of one out there. (?) I have one from my MWEI training but I’m keen to collect more.
    I downloaded the geometry manual from above and wow it’s excellent. Thanks again,
    Cycle 3,
    Qld, Australia ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Joshua says:

      Greetings Elizabeth!

      If you are still looking for something like a “Cosmic Education Manual” – I know that Keys of the Universe is working on something that sounds like that. She has an elementary Montessori online “training” for ages 6-12, but is working on making individual albums available separately from the course as well. It might be worth asking about anyway ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Suzy says:

    Hello, I was wondering if your albums are Upper Elementary (9-12) or Lower Elementary (6-9). thank you

    • jonathan says:

      Well, they are supposed to be both. The training I went through combined both the Elementary 1 & Elementary 2 into one program. However, based on my particular experience teaching, I feel the albums are a bit weak both at the bottom and the top. Maybe they are more like 7-11 albums.

  8. Fran Sullivan says:

    Jonathan, I came across your website recently and am amazed. I have Elementary I and II training. We had to buy the R&D manuels for classes. I find them very difficult to follow, there are many errors, and no illustrations or pictures. Yours are so easy to understand and follow. They are superior! You should be involved in a teacher training program. Keep up the good work and thank you so much for sharing with other Montessorians.

    • Gil says:

      Thats a [name of program] album, pretty good program, im in it!

      • jonathan says:

        Thank you Gil. Yes, it is a good program. And, yes, the program you mention (and which I redacted) was the program for which I completed these albums. I certainly owe much if not everything to this program and its instructors. However, I know these albums have many mistakes – all of which are mine. I edited out the name of the program only because I do not think that they would want to publicly endorse these albums I have here as being “theirs”. I created all of the illustrations in the albums and not all of them were considered acceptable by my instructors – and for good reasons. I’ve also altered some of the lessons as they were originally given. Please write back with any mistakes or suggestions you have for the albums. I plan to complete a comprehensive overhaul in the near to medium term future.

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  10. Glenda Livingston says:

    Hi Gil,

    I want to acknowledge all your efforts and generosity with sharing your albums for free.

    Unfortunately, I believe you miss the point of Montessori training… through taking the training and compiling one’s own albums through ‘being there’ in person, in the training, with the trainer, asking questions, adding the details one gains a knowledge of the depth of Montessori’s work.
    The people who simply download your work are being fooled into believing that they have all the training necessary to be Montessori teachers. Wrong! Tell people to take a course in which they have to do their own work, not hang off of yours.

    Beautiful things are seldom easy!

    • Julie D. says:

      I’m so glad you mentioned the value of Montessori training. (A must to really understand it all.)

      As an upper el Mont. teacher of 8 years, it is nice to see another album such as this. It is rejuving and I am able to give the lesson in a slightly different way.

    • tammy says:

      Thats true Glenda,

      But some of us are not able to take training. I have four very young children who need me, and though I would love to take classes, I can’t. So I’m very grateful for this website.

  11. Kim says:

    Hello, I’m a AMI student trainee and I found your abums great! thanks

  12. Melissa says:

    Does anyone know where to order skyscrapers? I have been searching for days. Please help!

    • Rita says:

      Melissa, it is more than 3 years ago that you asked this question. Montessori Research and Development has them, but I do not think they are called skyscrapers. They are word study.

  13. Kelli says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am a Montessori inspired homeschooling mom with a limited budget, so finding your albums shared for free has been a blessing. Your albums(mixed with some others I have found online) have made it possible for me to really employ the method as much as the materials. So again thank you for sharing the most valuable gift of knowledge!

  14. Rachel says:

    In response to Glenda and Julie –

    Not everyone has the opportunity, whether financial or otherwise, to take a course in Montessori theory and practice. Many (if not most) are homeschoolers, who have little time to go in-depth.

    True, it’s not perfect, but an dedicated parent can certainly do a good enough job in teaching their children.

  15. Debbi says:

    Nice to see a fellow Dharma Practitioner working in Montessori. Such a perfect fit ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Mayte says:

    Thank you for sharing the albums and everything on them. Really helpful :)) i downloaded them on my iphone and read themregularly. Best wishes is everything you do :))

  17. rajeshwari says:

    simply superb!!!!! would be great if sensorials are also shown. brilliant effort.
    hats off!

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  19. Jessica says:


    I am curious about your comment on the albums “more 7-11”. Within math and language, I can see the “weak at the bottom” if a child is not coming from a full primary environment where their needs were truly and fully met. For those children we have the remediation or bridge activities for the first couple of months of elementary to get them up to par with the math and reading skills.

    However, “weak at the top” the mathematics album, as you have it laid out, is NOT. Much of the later material, even in a full classroom where needs are truly and fully met, might not even be touched in an elementary classroom and can be utilized in the early months or first year of an adolescent program. Ratio and proportion, beginning algebra, for example.

    To many people the language album feels light after the intensity of the grammar boxes and the language analysis, but in practical application, the use of literature, writing skills, exploration of cultures and languages, studying the people and history that developed those particular languages and nuances – these things go much deeper than the albums seem to suggest. Thus we certainly wouldn’t want to add anything to either the math or the language album; we want to preserve the children’s time for following their interests and also (in 3rd and 6th year) assuring they have met the local educational standards.

    Geometry DOES feel light indeed, but again in practical application done properly, it leads to art, historical study, nature study, and introductory mathematical concepts.

    Due to the cosmic education nature of elementary, each album in and of itself can appear weak in one area or another, or even multiple areas; however, when integrated with one another history, geography (earth sciences), biology (life sciences), music, mathematics, geometry, and language, through a full application of the theory, provide the child everything he or she to not only learn responsibility to requirements but take off on deep, intense studies of a wide variety.

    The sad thing is: they “only” have 6 years at this age level. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  21. Lauren says:


    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work. How generous you are.

    Although I agree that the training and assembling of ones own manual/album is essential (as mentioned by those above) it is also nice to see what others have/do so one may reflect upon their own and be inspired through comparing and sharing.

    It is a difficult thing for us all, finding that balance of sharing and networking, while others and feel they know it all from just reading others work alone.

    I have found your albums helpful as they fill out some of the sketchier parts of my own. Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

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  23. Alison says:

    Any update on when these albums are coming back? They are so helpful and I would love to be able to reference them again!


  24. Zanu says:

    You literally just saved my life, as I accidentally accepted a job teaching Cycle 2 before even starting my 600 hour internship. Thank you FOREVER.

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  27. Radha says:

    Thank you for your efforts and putting these albums here. Very useful and resourceful.


  28. Fatima says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your albums with us. They are very precious o me. I will treasure them. You are a truly generous person. I appreciate your kindness.

  29. L Moquino says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for publishing these Elementary albums. I love my physical albums, but there so heavy and hard to carry around. This site makes it easy to check or read up on something. Thank you again, L

  30. Lupita says:

    I just read your geometry album. May I transalte it into Spanish? I would like to share it with my coworkers. There is so much need and too little on the web.



  31. Annie says:

    Oh my goodness!! i cannot believe that you have posted your entire album. i know the amount of effort it takes to put together each album because i just finished my elementary training and it was fun but very very exhausting.. thanks a tonne!! your albums are a great source of reference to me.

    With warm regards

  32. Annie says:

    It will be of a great help if you could post your geography and biology albums too. for both these subjects we mainly worked with the 6-9 age group presentations.. so i really don’t know much about what is to be covered in the 9-12 age group for both these subjects.. would sincerely appreciate your kind help

  33. Trisha says:

    Thank you for these resources. I don’t like to always be hauling my albums back and forth to school and it’s nice to have a digital resource.
    Thank you very much,

  34. Lulu says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your great work. I’m the mother of 3, one is in a Montessori school in the 6-12 class, one is the traditional educational system, one is homeschooled. Your albums are of great value for me and I feel I’ll be able to help my kids a lot thanks to you ; also my training starts at the end of the year, but it’s not a AMI training (which costs 8000 to 10000 euros here!) but a training for homeschool parents by an AMI educator.

  35. Carrie House says:

    If you have a list for updates, I’d love any work that you continue. Thanks, Carrie

  36. g.brinda says:

    thanks a lot for sharing your albums with us. it would be of great gelp if you can share biology album also

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