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Virtual Versions of Montessori Materials

As I work on this project, I realize how difficult it is to simulate the materials designed by Maria Montessori and those who followed in her tradition. So much of what makes traditional Montessori materials work is the fact that they occupy the real space of the student. The activities here are intended to be used as extensions as well as an additional step toward abstraction.

May 16, 2010: The first non-math activity: Synonyms. If you are familiar with the "skyscrapers" of the AMS tradition, then you will recognize the logic behind this job.

May 2, 2010: Just uploaded the Alpha version of the Checkerboard. This is a barebones version of what I hope to come up with. But this is the first version that can be used if the user is already familiar with the material. As some people have correctly pointed out, these programs need directions. In the versions soon to come, there will hopefully be directions. In the mean time, however, please refer to my Montessori albums which are available - free of charge - at: The Math 1 album has directions for both the Bead Frame and the Checkerboard.

Click the job you would like to do and enjoy!

Small Bead Frame Added on July 20, 2009.

Multiplication Checkerboard added May 2, 2010